“Hunt, Gather, Parent”

So, I heard this interview on my way to dropping Ethan’s off at preschool this morning. Wanted to share it with you guys. I thought this was a really interesting story. Seems like this author/mom had a really difficult toddler (lots of conflict; hitting her in the face all the time) and an epiphany in the midst of her search for parenting advice. Then she ended up taking this amazing journey with her daughter. I was fascinated. So much so that I’m going to have to buy this book.

I feel like we are so lucky to have a happy healthy little boy. He’s a good eater and a good sleeper. We are blessed in so many ways. But he is indeed a toddler and he has his moments. Raising a confident and compassionate kid is not easy. Some of the philosophies in this book are aligned with our own principles in parenting but of course, nobody is perfect and we have always been open to discovering ways to improve. It also doesn’t hurt to refresh your game plan and review what’s been working and what hasn’t.

I will include the link to the NPR interview here as well as a link to the book on AMAZON.

Check it out when you have a chance. I know we are all in different places in our quest to be good parents but even if you don’t have to time to read the book OR you just don’t LIKE reading books… the interview itself offers some productive insights and a few good takeaways.

“There are many parenting books out there. But NPR’s Michaeleen Doucleff says all the parenting books that she read after becoming a mom left a lot out.” https://www.npr.org/2021/02/25/971096059/hunt-gather-parent-offers-lessons-collected-around-the-world

“Hunt, Gather, Parent: What Ancient Cultures Can Teach Us About the Lost Art of Raising Happy, Helpful Little Humans” https://amzn.to/3pY6xLw

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