Beach Tennis Drills with Patty Diaz (VIDEO)

NEW VIDEO! Another fab collab from Team Beach Tennis Santa Monica, Carolina Hannes and Jcliffyhuff made its Youtube premiere Friday morning. This episode features pro player Patty Diaz of Venezuela and highlights her favorite ball control drill.


Beach Tennis is an emerging sport that uses a court and no-bounce rule from beach volleyball, and its format and tools from tennis. People play in pairs with no-ad scoring. Players use racquets similar to pickle ball paddles to hit a slightly depressurized ball over the elevated net.

The game of Beach Tennis offers fun and fitness in a cool setting. And the pro game — yes, there’s a pro game that includes a tour circuit of 11 events in six states and a Top 10 ranking.

“Team Beach Tennis Santa Monica spent a week training with Venezuelan Pro Beach Tennis Player Patty Diaz. She introduced the California players to her favorite drill, designed to help improve ball control and footwork.”

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Video produced by Jcliffyhuff

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