Ethan James Wins Games- Life Log of our First Born.

Today is Tuesday May 26, 2020…. Ethan is 2. He will turn 3 on July 10.

I got up around 6:15AM and dragged myself out to the front of the house to grind out another homegrown workout in the driveway.

Ethan was up around 7-7:15AM. I only know this because I cold hear him yelling “WHOAAAA” from inside while I was finishing up. Ethan loves to yell “WHOA.” It’s a shout of approval, excitement and/or bewilderment. Anything new cool and interesting gets a big loud “WHOAAA,” often followed by a “cool.”

He was finishing his milk when I walked back i the house. Every morning we give him a bottle of warmed up organic whole milk. Usually it’s from Clover because Kristen likes that brand and feels good about the positive practices of the company. We pay attention to that shit. So should you.

Kristen had to get on her daily call at 9AM. She is working fro home right now. I am unemployed so I’m pretty much taking care of Ethan full time.

He and I played with cars for a while and watched Blippi and his very popular Backhoe and Bulldozer videos before I made him breakfast. Todays breakfast was Greek style whole milk plain yogurt mixed with pumpkin seed granola, hemp seeds and a little maple syrup.

First of all, Ethan LOVES Blippi. At first I wasn’t a fan, but all of the videos are really fun and informative. Blippi can come across as a little creepy at times. He’s a likeable “clowny” kind of guy who dances and sings and teaches kids about sorts of things. He’s kind of a cross between Pee Wee Herman and Mister Rodgers.As an adult it feels weird but Ethan responds really really well to the show so… I have to admit I’m really happy with the results.

Second of all… our daily routine right now goes like this…

7-7:30 everyone gets up. Ethan drinks his milk.

8A-9:30A Playtime and a little TV.

10AM Breakfast

10:30A I hop in the shower

11A We head out for the adventure of the day. We either go hiking or to the beach.Those are are really the only two options since everything else has been locked down since mid March (Hashtag Covid19) But getting out of the house is essential for Ethan’s exercise and for everyones sanity. Failure is not an option. We find a way to get out and do something pretty much every day.

1-1:30P we get back to the house and get Ethan ready for his nap. He usually has a snack or lunch in the car while we are driving back.

2PM Nap time. Ethan is totally on board for a nap at 2. Sometimes it takes longer for him to fall asleep than others but we all really really need that 2 hour break. Rest is good.

4-4:30PM Ethan wakes up. Gets another bottle of milk.

5P-7P Playtime, we all go out for a walk with the dogs.

7P Dinner.

8:30-9P Bath time.

9:30P Ethan goes to bed.

10PM Kristen and Jim fall asleep on the couch watching Seth Myers or John Oliver.

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