Citizen Kane Von Bonsrel, RIP (Blog Post Jan 2006)

This is a blog entry from 2006. The day I said goodbye to my great friend and unflappable sidekick……

Yesterday was a very dark day….

I had to put Kane to sleep. Kane is my big lovable German Shepherd. He’s been by my side for 12 years. He’s blessed my life in so many ways. I’m heartbroken and hurting, but relieved that he rests in peace.

Citizen Kane Von Bonsrel, was his full name, he was a stunning 110 lb White German Shepherd. He was gorgeous and proud, charming and kind. He had such a sweet spirit that people were always drawn to him.

This is so hard for me to write, but I need to…

My favorite Kane story, and there are many, is about the day he showed me his skills as a  swimmer. I was performing in the Catskills a few summers ago, and one of my cast mates had a big beautiful house up there with a humongous lake…or pond I guess,  in the backyard. We barbecued and enjoyed the view while Kane and their little St Bernard puppy (Who did anything he could to impress… and utterly annoy Kane) had the run of the land. Later we decided to get into the canoes and paddle around on the pond. As we headed out to the center of the pond, Kane stood on the edge of the water, ears perked high and tight, with a look of disdain that he had not been included on this little venture. We got about 200 yards out and Kane decided he would NOT be left behind. He walked out deeper and deeper and then just started swimming. he swam out and met us in the middle of the lake. I was concerned because I wasn’t sure he was aware how far out he was or how deep the water was. So I paddled back to shore and led him back in…ordering him out of the water and to sit at the shore. I paddled back out to the far aside of the lake and a few minutes later, I turned around and “I’ll be damned.” There he was. He had come probably twice the initial distance and was determined to follow the boat. I was SURE I was going to have jump in at some point and help him back to shore, but I paddled back..again…to shore…leading him in and ordering him AGAIN to sit and the shore and stay. This went on all afternoon. He must have covered 5 miles in the water that day. I was more exhausted paddling him back to shore over and over. He eventually tired out and sat in the water, chest deep intently watching me paddle the lake, waiting for me to come back.

Man, I loved that dog.

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