Train your Brain- Stay Sharp

We all need to work our brains like we work any other muscle. For every ab exercise we do each day or week.. we should try and match it with a good brain training regimen.

Research shows us that there are a variety of ways we can manage mental sharpness and train the brain to stay healthy. Committing to, and completing, an array of brain exercises can help boost concentration, improve memory and re-fortify focus. A stimulated brain can also help us tackle daily tasks with speed and efficiency and enable anybody to stay sharp, at any age.

I’ve listened to several podcasts lately on brain health and the subject has become one of my new obsessions. “Feel Better. Live More” with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee is one of my current favorites-

There are so many ways to keep your mind in shape that I won’t try to list them all here. My main point in writing this is to urge you to make it a point to put this is practice.

THAT being said I will give you a few quick suggestions that I’ve read about and many that I’m currently practicing myself….

One thing you can start doing right away: Brush your teeth with your opposite hand. If you are right handed start brushing your teeth with your left. Learning to do simple, everyday activities with your non-dominant hand will fire up synapses in your brain and give the muscles in your mind a good workout. Writing, brushing your teeth, eating with a fork or spoon.. try it. Make it a habit.

Here are a few other ways you can fire up the four lobes…

  • Crossword puzzles
  • Toss out the GPS or Google Maps and use a real map, or get directions from someone and sharpen your sense of direction. This is a BIG one. More on it later.
  • Try to learn a new language. Even if you don’t ever come CLOSE to being fluent in French, the process of learning a new language lights your brain up big time.

More information on how to train your brain….


Thank you for visiting my site and for reading my blog. Mental, Emotional and Physical fitness is a passion of mine and I love sharing anything and everything healthy and helpful. I hope that by reading my blog you can find something here that inspires and/or motivates you to take ownership of your own health and wellness. Make it a point to better “know” and nurture yourself. Take the necessary steps to improve your quality of life and quite simply…. feel better.

Be Safe. Be Strong. Be Cool.

Happy Holidays.

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