Restart your fitness future- do this one exercise every morning….

Getting started is often the hardest part.

You want to get back in shape but you can’t shake the funk. It’s easier to build momentum when you are already rolling but actually getting GOING can be a huge challenge.

If you are having trouble getting going and/or you just don’t know where to start or what to do…. do this:


Get out of bed tomorrow morning and do 25 squats. First thing. Put your arms out in front of you and lower yourself until your legs are bent in a 90 degree position and lift yourself up to a standing position. That’s it.

Do it every morning. First thing. Make it a habit. Make it a morning ritual. Make a commitment to this one activity and stick with it. You can build from there.

For the next 2 weeks do 25 squats every morning abs then either bump it up to 35 or add a move. Do squats then do some crunches. Begin building your new fitness routine. Build momentum.

Be a badass. Just do it.

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